I.T. Consulting

Our core expertise today is in our ability to understand, empathise and quantify customer requirements, issues and challenges. This comes from our consultants having worked very closely in several complex environments across middle-east and APAC region. Our domain understanding and knowledge in verticals such as, Manufacturing, Distribution, Trading, Retail, Contracting, Healthcare and Hospitality gives us the distinct ability to define, respond and deliver much more than what a customer expects.

Our purpose and philosophy reflects across our spectrum of offerings. These offerings are classified under Services and Products.

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I.T. Consulting Services

Our consulting practice involves extensive study of your systems and processes. We identify areas to improve, cost-leaks, key-business-drivers (KBD's), and thresholds and thereafter provide you with guidelines suggesting best-practices, plug cost-leaks, ways to harness KBD's and optimize your thresholds. The deliverable at the end of the practice is defining system requirements and to help identify a suitable system.

We believe in order to remain competent in this modern business world, it is absolutely imperative for organizations to change; for change is the only constant and way forward. Traditional businesses are re-looking at the way they are structured, the level of automation and the way they deal with their customers.

Langmead Associates believes that the organization hierarchical pyramid has become inverted. In other words, today's challenge is to retain, encourage and motivate the client-facing or the front-end person rather than traditional practice. Therefore it becomes the objective of every manager to ensure that he enables his juniors and ensures there are no bottle-necks, no bureaucracies or no other difficulties. He in turn should endeavor to motivate, encourage and constantly create opportunities for them. Certainly one of the ways to enable front-end people is by providing them with suitable tools and technologies to handle all kinds of sales and marketing challenges, competition and provide superior service to their clients.

In our endeavor to help our customers implement this culture, we carry out a detailed consulting process. This consulting process is as follows:

  • Workshops for frontline team, functional managers and top-management
  • Process/work-flow definition
  • Define business rules
  • Define process owners and roles and responsibilities
  • Change management workshop
  • Value propositions, suggestions
  • Define system requirements, both short and long term
  • Identify solutions and help list suitable solutions
  • Overlook implementation.

Our Consulting Practice is completely independent of Implementation Practice. It is always with the consent of the client that a tender document will be provided to the Implementation team and will be subject to participation only by merit.

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Project Management Services

Project Management is an important function especially in the area of ERP implementations. The Project Manager (PM) will not only ensure, implementation as per scope, but will also ensure time and cost adherence. This would be done right from the time the teams are selected onwards to, defining schedule, closely monitoring activities, monitoring team members, alerting and acting on non-conformances, escalating bottle-necks, and ensuring implementation is carried out at the best interest of the client.

Our PM's use extensive project management tools and cutting-edge methodologies which ensure that utilisation of resources are optimized, all deliverables as per scope are executed and any non-compliance are identified and corrected.

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Custom Software Development

Langmead Associates offers small to medium scale Custom Software Development to cater to the growing demands of the local market. We provide solutions across different platforms using the latest technologies. As a full-service consulting firm, we handle all aspects of your software development needs including; specification, design, implementation and testing.

We are committed to forming long term relationships with our clients and endeavor to accommodate any of our client's needs through the flexibility of our process and methodology. Our development team is highly skilled and able to deliver innovative solutions to meet any needs.

We strive to offer our clients a cost effective solution and consider many options in analysing your requirements. In some cases the development of a custom-made solution is not necessary as off-the-shelf applications are available that fulfills the customer's needs.

Our main objective is to ensure that the final solution meets our client's satisfaction whether it is through the development of a custom built solution, the implementation of an off-the-shelf package or a combination of the two.

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Staffing and Secondment

We work with our clients in providing professional resources on contractual basis with specific skill-sets across varied technologies, platforms and functions.

These professionals can be provided on a short-term or long-term basis depending on skill-sets and the nature of the contract. Our association with our selected partners both locally and overseas gives us the advantage and band-with to handle requirements quickly and effortlessly.

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