Lease and Landlord

Negotiation on behalf of the Company for lease agreement, preparation of heads of agreement and terms of lease, liaison with the Company's legal advisors.

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Establishing Business Objectives

Whether starting a new business, merging several, or relocating, Langmead Associates WLL handle the logistics, allowing the client to maintain focus on core business objectives.

New offices, including the sourcing of the premises, negotiating the lease and the designing/construction of the fitout, presents a series of challenges, some which have serious repercussions and can jeopardise the client's investment - unless controlled by an experienced organisation, such as Langmead Associates WLL.

The success of any project is entirely and directly related to a clear understanding of the client, the client's desired outcome, identification of the scope of tasks involved, agreement of the cost and time parameters, proficient planning and design monitoring skills and management of those complex elements, as well as risk management - all carried out with the least disruption of the client's business, and involvement by the client on an essential needs basis only.

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Office Fitout Coordination

Preparation of design briefs, arranging for planning to be carried out, establishment of budget, programme and services constraints. Acting as the Client's Representative during the fitout process.

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Site Identification

Locating sites and premises best suited for the Client's requirements. Preparation of reports with weighted evaluation of site selection criteria.

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Langmead Associates do not offer expert legal advice, but assist in liaison with the client's solicitor on matters relating to the development.

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Tender and Contractual Arrangements

Reviewing and agreeing selection of contractors, advising on form of procurement and tender methods, forms of contract.

Presentation of reports and evaluation of tenders, recommendations, negotiations where appropriate.

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Consultants Appointment & Monitoring

Advise the client if the need arises to engage further consultants to carry out structural, mechanical and electrical installations / designs and interior / exterior design.

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Monitoring / Controlling of Projects

Monitoring on behalf of the client the work and performance of all employed contractors and consultants to ensure that all major works / instructions are carried out with due regard to the day to day running of the building, all in accordance with the Landlord's regulations and good trade practice. Attendance and minutes of Pre-contract and progress meetings, on behalf of the client.

Monitoring the ongoing costs and authorising interim payments on behalf of the client, to ensure that the agreed budget is adhered to and advise of any anticipated variations.

Examining the contractor's programme and advising thereon in the context of the client's objectives.

Inspection and report on ongoing works on a periodic basis on behalf of the client.

Liaising with the necessary consultants / contractors at the time of agreed completion to oversee the transfer of responsibilities for maintenance etc.

Expediting production of as-built services installation drawings from appropriate contractors, together with operation and maintenance manuals and other relevant information, all in accordance with standard guidelines.

Reviewing any schedule of defects prepared by the developer's representative during the Defects Liability Period (or preparation of same, by prior agreement); confirming that the remedial work has been carried out and agreeing release of retentions.

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Furniture and Furnishing

Establish Client requirements for furniture, furnishing and equipment, preparation of schedules and procurement on behalf of the Client.

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Tenant Liaison

In modifications to existing buildings, liaising with the building manager and tenants to ensure that disruption is minimised during the fitting out period.

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