WebFM's OMTrak is a unique Web-based system which enables stress-free online production of operation and maintenance manuals with handover management and defect management modules

For more details, please visit the OMTrak website or get in contact with us.

Mainet Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Mainpac's AM & Enterprise CAFM systems support the O&M and costing lifecycles of individual buildings and major developments.

Objective World

Objective World's xD BIM systems are Life Cycle software systems that provide a user friendly, interactive and visual platform for Building Owners, Developers and Managers through Feasibility, Development, Design, Construction, Management & Maintenance and back again to Renovation or Redesign "what if" scenarios.


OfficeSpace Software is a complete solution for the allocation and management of company workspaces. OfficeSpace alleviates the challenges currently faced by office administrators, and empowers organizations to capture more value from existing resources.


iGetit is a complete In-house Procurement System designed to enhance the working environment and productivity of every Procurement Manager.

UniPhi - Enterprise & Project Management System

UniPhi is an enterprise portfolio and project management system that helps organisations use up to 50% less project resources to deliver its key initiatives. It achieves this by making it easier for team members to use best practice methodologies to deliver projects. It enables the team to better administer, prioritise and access information so they have more time to manage portfolios, programmes and projects. It supplies senior management with the 'helicopter' view and automation of key reports they need to make the best possible and faster decisions.

Its core functionality includes:

  • portfolio management and reporting
  • project integration
  • human resource management
  • document management
  • issues management
  • risk management
  • scope management
  • time management
  • contract and fee management
  • benefits management
  • budgetting
  • standardised project practices

UniPhi is used for a range of applications including:

  • Project management – construction and non-construction related
  • Programme collaboration
  • Professional services management (Practice management)
  • New product development
  • Defects management

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